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I am currently working as part-time Head Gardener and part-time Consultant beside looking after 'Green Leaf Plants'. As time allows I travel around Europe and the United Kingdom to visit gardens and meet their gardeners. I love exchanging experiences, plant knowledge and enjoying the beauty of nature.

I have always been passionate about nature and plants and have spent most of my childhood outdoors exploring meadows, brooks and scrubs. I chose Horticulture as my career and went to study this field in depth after a three year apprenticeship in a German nursery. University brought me closer to the scientific world and revealed many fascinating secrets of the botanical domain. Research was a major part of the study but also included a lot of practical projects. During this time a founded as I was finding it frustrating to collect specific plant information. I wrote my dissertation in England at the Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum, Hampshire, UK where I then became Area Manager and Team Leader after graduating.

During my time at the Arboretum I learned countless new plants, many of which would never grow in the cold German climate. I completely embraced my passion for plants and am still very keen on learning new things in Horticulture, as I believe one remains a student for life. Only then one can reach the maximum potential of knowledge and skills.

After leaving the Arboretum I moved to work privately as a chartered Head Gardener. That was the beginning of doing the extra step and starting my own nursery/plant centre. It took a lot of preparation time before launching "Green Leaf Plants", including months of research, building a good range of stock plants and most of all: finding a suitable location for the plant centre.

And here we are today, on our enthusiastic journey through the world of Horticulture and Botany. I can't think of a better way of spending my life!
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